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Pinaki Sen Gupta, Kanu Banerjee, Subir Banerjee

The second film in director Ray's acclaimed "Apu Trilogy" (see PATHER PANCHALI and THE WORLD OF APU). Winner of the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival.
Devastated by a family tragedy, 10-year-old Apu and his parents move to the sacred city of Benares, hoping to build a new life. In Benares, Apu's father Harihar ekes out a subsistence living as a priest reciting religious scripture. Though his family is poor and his mother burdened with cares, Apu runs freely, ignorant of his parents' concerns. One day, Harihar returns from work faint and feverish. Shortly thereafter, he dies. Widowed,  Sarbajaya realizes she has no recourse but to find work. As a cook for a wealthy Bengali family, she makes a decent living for herself and a growing Apu. But she leaves that position to live with her uncle in his village of Bengal. There, Apu excels in school and wins a scholarship to study at a college in Calcutta. Though pleased with her son's academic success, Sarbajaya's health is now failing and she needs him at home. Thus begins the clash between a proud woman and her headstrong son.




A Tale of A Naughty Girl - (A Film in Bengali) - 2002*

Arpan Basar, Ramgopal Bajaj, Tapash Paul, Samata Das, Rituparna Sengupta






Kanu Banerjee, Subir Banerjee, Runiki Banaerjee, Karuna Banerjee

A boy named Apu is born to a poor but proud Brahmin family. His loving older sister, Durga, is a sweet girl, but has formed the bad habit of stealing fruit from an aunt's orchard, much to her mother's dismay. Their father Harihar, a poet and lay priest, finds a treasury job that will bring the family steady income for the first time in a while. For a brief period afterward, their mother, Sarbajaya, manages to make ends meet, and the children are left to their own devices and run freely. But when Harihar loses his position, he leaves his family to search elsewhere for work. He leaves them with depleted resources. In his absence, their condition deteriorates. Months later, Harihar returns to face the tragedy that forces them to leave their ancestral home. This acclaimed debut by Satyajit Ray is the first part of a trilogy of poetic, lyrical works.




Bollywood Movie DVD - Apna Punjab Hovey APNA PUNJAB HOVEY (2 DVD set)

Mann Ke Baliya
Munda Mile Na Mere
Meri Maan vich
Akhir Ban Gayee
Kich Ke Karari
Mein Kundale
Mera Han De Haniya Ay
Phande Khale Karone
Kankan De Ohle
Mayi Naa
Kunda Kolde
Laung Da Lishkara
Chand Ka Naa
Ne Chambye Neya
Jaago Aayee
Nayo Bhula Na
Utte Amla De
Goriya Gane De Poriye
Dil Mein Tu Mangda
Ishq Hai Lagoo
Ja Meri Ladiya
And More Punjabi Songs

Cheete Dand
Ja Veera di Ladii
Haner Pe Gaya
Sade Pind Vich
Kund Chack De
Tere De Mere Aankh Hanhiya
Rabba Lagna
Hai Ne Mein Sadke
Mitar Pyare Noon
Tu Aashiq Banya
Gidda Medley
Ki Kare Dholna
Sau Rab De
Na Rus Heera Mere
Suno Mein Haal Sunava
Ah Baath Sunava Tenu
Udham Singh London Jake
Yaara Da Truck
Sadke Sadke
Chup Kar Ke
And More Punjabi Songs




Bollywood Movie DVD - Bhagat Dhanna Jat BHAGAT DHANNA JAT

Produced & Directed by Dara Singh

God is in us ... all around us. If we truly believe, we can fine him in anything... just a Bhagat Dhanna Jatt has.





Bollywood Movie DVD - Kankan De Ohle KANKAN DE OHLE

Dharmendra and Aasha Parekh

The will and honesty of a man named Choudhary are tested when his friend’s daughter’s marriage is at stake. Choudhary takes on the identity of a bandit and is jailed for it. His wife and young son are thrown out of the village and his son, Madan, grows up without knowing his dad. Madan, determined to free the villagers from an evil moneylender (Jeevan) who oppresses the villagers, seeks the help of his friend Banta (Dharmendra)…. The film is directed by Om Bedi and has music by Sapan Jagmohan.






Raj Babbar, Neena Tiwani, Om Puri

True love or family reputation? Which one would you pick?
This is the decision that Raja (Raj Babbar) Is faced with. Raja comes home after finishing school. His mother and the whole village is extremely excited about his arrival but the excitement fades away as they discover that he has fallen in love with one of his house servants, Preeto (Neena Tiwana). Preeto's aunt, Gulabo then tells preeto a story that horrifies her and makes her want revenge on Raja's household.
Will Raja's Love for Preeto overcome his family reputation?
Will Preeto's love for Raja overcome her need for revenge?
Is love strong enough?





Shammi, Rajni Sharma, Dara Singh, Aruna Irani

Lambardarni is the tale of life long friendships and life long enemies. The story revolves around two friends, one good and the other evil, who cannot be seperated by anyone. That is until the wrongdoing Sohan Lal rapes the wife of his friend Dhaymaya's servant. In a fit of rage, Dharmaya kills Sohan Lal and is sentenced to death.
Many years pass by and both men's sons become grown men. It quickly becomes evident that the fruit does not fall from the tree as Dharmaya's boys grow to be hardworking trucker and a farmer. On the other hand, Sohan's son is just as evil as his father despite being raised in England. Watch the action and drama as the second generation continues where their father's left off. Will death and destruction be th eonly solution to this war? Or can their mother's end the madness between the families? Watch this comedic action flick to find out!





Dara Singh;Balraj Sahni;Achala Sachdev

Nanak Dukiya Sub Sansar is a story of the separation of one family caused by the Muslim/Hindu time of separation over land. Many Sikhs had to leave their homes and while doing so, families were torn apart and killed by the Muslims. This is a story of Ram and Kartar, who were separated by this particular situation, but grew up together not knowing they are real blood. Years pass, as they both often mention and reminisce of their mother and a brother they both have lost. Ram (the younger brother) is off in the city getting educated and there meets an old lady.





Prithviraj Kapoor, Nishi, Som Dutt and I.S. Johar

Eve, under the influence of the serpent, tempted Adam and together they were thrown out of paradise. Like Adam, Prem Singh is living in his own paradise, which consists of his business, his blood brother Gurmak Singh and Sister - in - law. Their paradise is complete with the birth of Gurmak Singh's son Gurmeet. On the insistence of his brother & sister - in - law, Prem marries ratni, who comes into their lives with her brother Shuka. Shuka incites Ratni into making this paradise a hell for the dwellers. Ratni divides the brothers and puts up a wall of distrust between them. Even her love for Gurmeet doesn't stop her from blinding him and trying to ruin his relationship with Channi. The only thing that keeps Gurmeet going is Channi's love and his faith that the Gurus will make things better. One woman with her lack of faith tears this paradise apart and another woman with her strong faith attempts to rebuild the paradise. Nanak Nam Jahaz Hai portrays some of the well known Guru Dwara's in India and gives much history of the Sikh religion.




Bollywood Movie DVD - Sarpanch SARPANCH

Veerinder, Preeti Sapru, Yogesh Chhabra, Anita Sarin, Mohan Singh, Mehar Mittal

The story of SARPANCH is a story of a man of principles who has sacrificed his life for his village. A man who would even sacrifice his own son in order to set an example for the rest of the village. The villagers respect him very much and hang on his every word because of his principles. However, it is those same principles that cause a conflict between him and his best friend, which leads to a family feud of deadly consequence! Will the Sarpanch and his family survive? Will the village idiot Jerry be able to adapt his Canadian wife to the life in the punjabi village? Watch it all here!






Raj Babar, Juhi Chawla, Gurdass Mann

July the 31st, 1940, Uddham Singh Alias Ram Mohammad Singh Azaad was executed in Pentonville prison, London at 9.00A.M. He had been charged with the murder of Sir Michael O Dwyer, who was the Lt. Governor of Punjab at the time of the Jalianwala Bagh Massacre and also the man behind the conspiracy which was hatched to teach a lesson to the revolting Indians. December 26, 1899, In a small town Sunam in the erstwhile Patiala state a boy is born to BiBi Harnam Kaur and Sardar Tehal Singh. Little did the poor duo know that the second son of theirs shall drag their names from the darkness and anonymity and write them in the annals of history. Ude Singh would have remained another no entity if it were not for the event of the April 13, 1919.On this bloody Baisakhi day he was one of the several volunteers who were serving water to the thirty thousands who had gathered in Jallianwala Bagh next to the revered Golden Temple in Amritsar.Ude Singh was now a politically conscious man but the path that he wanted to lead to achieve India's freedom still alluded him. But not for long. He accepted the thinking and methodology of the Ghadar Party. After his arrival in India in 1927 he was arrested for illegal possession of arms and jailed for five years. In jail, Ude Singh did not take things lying down. He fought for better facilitiesand prison reforms. Unfortunately, he was still in prison when his close friend and Idol Bhagat Singh was arrested and hanged. After his release from jail. Ude managed to get the police off his back, got a passport in the name of Uddham Singh and went to England to write the last and most glorious chapter of his life





Murder is the name of the game - in this whodunit set in a rural Punjab.






Dara Singh, Navin Nischol,Yogita Bali

This title comes from the saying of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Sawa Lakh is one Sikh fighting 101 enemies and returning victorious. One has the capability is conquer & defeat an army of 101 men. This is the story of Kartar, who against his parents wishes joins and becomes a Singh. Singhs (who follow Khalsa) live in jungles and steal from the Government. Fujis who do as they please and take advantage of innocents by unlawful means. It is a story of the sikhs fight with the Government in pursue of equality and freedom.





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