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Bollywood Movie DVD - Anjali

Baby Shamli, Arun, Raghuvaran, Revathi, Prabhu, Saranya, Shanti Priya, Tarun
Shekhar, a civil engineer is married to Chitra. They have two children, Arjun and Anu. Chitra finds that Shekhar is visiting somebody without her knowledge. On questioning him she comes to know that he had been regularly visiting Anjali, who is their mentally retarded daughter.

Chitra brings home Anjali. Anu and Arjun hate her, but in time they love her. Anjali is critically ill, and she passes away leaving the family sad.




Short Stories From The Mahabharata - Arjuna & Karna

ARJUNA - The one whose very name means ‘doer of great deeds’ – Arjuna, the third of the five Pandava brothers, and the son of Kunti and Pandu, is revered in Hindu mythology as a just ruler and a brave warrior. One of the key figures in the Mahabharatha, a few of his adventures are highlighted in these unique stories. They bring to mind a legendary hero who trails, tribulations and triumphs are still recalled with fondness and awe.

KARNA - a name synonymous with generosity of spirit and character. One of the greatest heroes of the Mahabharata, Karna remains, till date, an unforgettable personality and a source of inspiration for millions of Indians and Hindus around the world. Some of his awe-inspiring adventures are recounted in this series, which capture the essence of Karna- his valor, his loyalty, his courage and his code of honour. Through his death he was immortalized in the hearts and minds of the people who love him for all that he was and all that he became.

Arjuna’s Aim
Swayamvar of Draupati
Arjuna and the Hunter
Arjuna and the Monkey
Bed of Arrows
The Birth of Karna
Karna’s Generosity
Karna’s Curse
Karna -The King of Anga
Lord Krisha’s Game




BHISHMA & DRONA = Short Stories From The Mahabharata

Bhishma - was the son of King Shantanu and the holy river Ganga. Besides being well-versed in the vedas and sciences, he was also a skilled archer and a great warrior. Bhisma is immortalized in the Mahabharatha because of his steadfast determination and dedication to duty and he remains, to this Day,  A worthy example for us all to follow.

Drona - This is the story of a comman man who rose to great heights to achieve fame, success and glory and who is immortalized by his brave deeds and tremendous willpower. He rose above his circumstances, set his mind out to achieve something and didn’t let anything hold him back. Being the teacher of the Pandavas and the Kauravas, the training of these great Princes was in his able hands. He not only imparted his knowledge of archery to his students but also instilled in them values of valor and honour. Drona’s story is one that inspired and continues to inspire us all. It shows us just what we can achieve once we put our mind - and heart to it.

Bhisma's Vow -The story behind why Devavrata was renamed Bhisma is unraveled here. Bhisma's great devotion to his father and the sacrifices he makes for the sake of his father's happiness are also highlighted in this story.
Bhisma's Courage -This gripping narrative follows the life of Bhisma after his father's demise. True to his word, he takes neither the throne nor a wife for himself and is even forced to battle with his Guru to uphold this promise.
Bhisma's Willpower - This exciting tale recounts Bhisma's brave role in the battle of the Mahabharatha. Ultimately, Bhisma bows down and accepts his fate and makes use of the Ichhaa Mirtyu
Ignorance of Drona - This story traces Drona’s humble beginnings to his elevated status as the guru of the Pandavas and Kauravas.
Drona’s Commitment - This story unveils Duryodhana’s plan to capture Yudhistra and how Drona unwittingly gets caught up in this plan. As Drona is undefeatable, Krishna has to resort to unfair means to defeat him and it is only his love for his son that leads to Drona’s unfortunate death.
Drona and Abhimanyu - This story unravels the cause behind the untimely death of Abhimanyu, the beloved son of Arjuna, during the great battle of the Mahabharata.




Bollywood Movie DVD - Boot Polish - B/W

Ratan Kumar, Baby Naaz, David, Raj Kapoor, Shailendra, Chand Barque, Veera, Bhupendra, Master Nissar, Bhudo Advani
"BOOT POLISH" tells a human story of two children who earned their living by polishing shoes in the streets of Bombay. BHOLA, an innocent boy of ten and his younger sister BELU aged seven are destitute children living in the slums. They are well trained in the art of begging by a woman of dubious morals KAMLA CHACHI, who gives them shelter in her dilapidated shack. Her constant abuse and beating makes the lives of these kids a veritable hell.

Their only ray of hope is their neighbour, JOHN (David) an old eccentric bootlegger with a sharp tongue but a golden heart. John's simple words "Starve, die, but don't beg"- inspires the kids to stop begging. The idea of shining shoes fascinates Bhola so much that he resolves to become a bootblack. Kamala Chachi however throws them out of the house when they do not bring home any money. The ceaseless rains spoil their chances of getting any customers. A great conflict rises in Bhola's mind. He swore not to beg but his beloved sister is fainting from hunger. What shall Bhola do? Will Bhola and Belu survive these difficult times? Shankar-Jaikishen's music in this film is well appreciated and includes the popular song 'Nanhe Munne Bache' and other songs.

Boot Polish won accolades for Baby Naaz's performance at the Cannes, International Film Festival. Shankar-Jaikishan won the Grand Prix at the South East Asian Film Festival and Boot Polish bagged Filmfare awards (1954) for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor -David and Best Cinematography - Tara Dutt.

Bollywood Movie DVD - Chota Chetan

Urmila Matondkar, Master Arvind, Dilip Tahil, Shakti Kapoor, Satish Kaushik
This is a children's fantasy tale set against a contemporary background. There is this old mansion "Thrikal Bhavan" on way to the school. It has a reputation of being haunted by a spitit who guards a buried treasure there. The children Laxmi, raju and Chintu (Sonia, Suresh and Mukesh) are fascinated by the stories told by their Rickshaw Wallah (Singaram). He spins great yams about the pranks of this spirit Chetan. Yes! That's the name of this spirit. Once the spirit befriends you it can grant all your wishes... so were the children told!!

Now, there really existed a spirit in that house. It was actually brought in by an evil Tantrik (Kottarakkara) to dig up the burie treasure. To drive away competition, one day the evil Tantrik usesthe spirit to eliminate Baba Khondol (Shakti Kapoor) an occultisst brought along by two fortune seekers Raja (ravi Baswani) and Rajkumar (Harish) Undeterred, the duo (raja & Rajkumar) again bring with them a Computer Astrologer named Professor Chashmish (Satish Kaushik)-who is also devoured. In both the situations the duo manage to escape with injuries.

One day, in the absence of the evil the three children steal into the mansion and unwittingly set loose the spirit. In the ensuing fury unleashed by the formless spirit, the children are terrified. So to soothe them the spirit comes in the form of little boy (Arvind). The evil Tantrik on return finds that his precious spirit has flown the coop.

The dreams the children nurtured in their minds-chetan fulfills them. He takes them for a walk on the ceiling. He animates their Rickshaw to cause wonder among the general population of the town. He cures Laxmi's father's (Dalip Tahil) alcoholism and in the process wrecks Raju's father's (G.K. Pillai) bar. He cuts the classroom buly down to size and scares the pants off the villainous Biology master (Rajan p.Dev). He sneaks them into an erotic dance show and manages the clothing and unclothing as per Laxmi's sense of decency. Well, he also brigs balons and chocoin between all these. By then..the Tantrik had caught up with them.

"Meanwhile the duo Raja & Rajkumar were at work. In their search for an able person with ample magical powers to counte the evil Tantrik, they come across an unlikely savior in the form of a stage magician-a young girl called Miss Hawa Hawai (Urmila). She reveals to them that the evil tantrik had once stolen the spiritchetan from a Grand Tantrik (HarishTrivedi). And she, the daughter of this Grand Tantrik in abeyance to her late father's wish had ever since been in search of the evil Tantrik to retrievethe spirit. The duo agree to help her and they take her to the evil Tantrik, when the duo and the girl reach the evil Tantrik, he had already caught hold fo chetn. The Girl interferes and a magic duel between her and the evil Tantrik ensures. His curse transfoms her into a cat.

It takes the combined efforts of the duo and the children to restore thethe girl Magician back to her true form. With their help and her magical powers Chetan is released from the magical clutches of the evil Tantrik. But to protect the rest, Chetan is compelled to disintegrate the evil Tantrik. Now an ancient curse gets hold of him where Chetan has to forgo his form and reincarnate himself into a fox-bat-this as he had killed his master, a Tantrik. As the children look a helplessly, the girl takes leave with the winged Mamal-with a promise that she shall someday restore Chetan to his true magical-self.

HANUMAN* 4-in-1 Value Pack with English and Hindi soundtracks and with optional English subtitles
India's First 2-D Animation Film
Hanuman - an extraordinary film, which involved many man-hours to make, revolves around the extraordinary feats f the 'monkey-god'. Hanuman is incarnation of Lord Shiva, born with the sole purpose of assisting Lord Rama in his crusade to fight evil on earth. Blessed by gods with supernatural powers, unbelievable strength, and sharp intelligence, Hanuman helps Lord Rama rescue his wife from the clutches of the demon King Ravana. Film portrays Hanuman as compassionate and loving super hero who uses his extraordinary strength to fight evil and help the needy. His birth and childhood, his meeting with Lord Rama, the war with Ravana and his historical deeds are all depicted in this movie. This 4-in-1 Value Pack contains One DVD, One Audio CD, One Booklet of Hanuman Chalisa in English, and a special storybook for children. An ideal new year gift for children of all ages.

Limited supply - Hard bound book edition - Click here to order today $24.94:    + $5 s&h for USA 

Limited supply - Hard bound book edition - Click here to order today $24.94:    + $9 s&h for all other countries

HANUMAN* Low Cost DVD only - with Hindi and English Audio
India's First 2-D Animation Film as described above

Limited supply - Price Reduced! Click here to order today: $19.95
+ $4 s&h 

HANUMAN* Low Cost DVD only - with Hindi Audio only
India's First 2-D Animation Film as described above

Limited supply - Price Reduced! Click here to order today: $15.95
+ $4 s&h 

HANUMAN - Short Stories From The Mahabharata
When one thinks of loyalty, devotion, self-sacrifice and friendship, the first character from the Ramayana who comes to mind is the inimitable Lord Hanuman. His name is synonymous with Lord Ram and his was a devoted friend to him in all his times of need. A brave warrior and a fearless leader, every act of Hanuman teaches us selfless service and sacrifice for the Lord. The values that we learn through the stories of Hanuman serve as a guideline for good behaviour even to this day.
The Birth Of Hanuman - This is the tale of Hanuman’s birth and it has a few interesting anecdotes from his childhood.
Hanuman Meets Ram - In this story, we see the circumstances that led to Hanuman’s first encounter with Lord Ram.
Hanuman In Search Of Sita -This is the story of the various obstacles he encounters on his path and how he overcomes them with valour, strength and presence of mind.
Hanuman Brings Sanjivani - It is the tale behind one of the most enduring images of Hanuman, that of his flying through the air with a mountain in one hand and the sun under his arm, all done in an effort to serve the Lord.
Hanuman Meets Sita In Lanka - After countless days of fruitless searching, Hanuman finally encountered Sita and, in a bid to prove Lord Ram’s power, he set the entire city of Lanka on fire with his mighty tail..
Selfless Service - Even Sita had to eventually acknowledge that Hanuman was Ram’s greatest devotee and follower, above all others. He was a perfect example of how we all should be.





2 Separate DVDs containing dialogs in Hindi and English with English subtitles
Recommended by Bharatvani Hindi Teacher for Learning Hindi through Indian movies (suitable for children)
Just imported a few DVD, VCD and VHS copies of this special Harry Potter edition from India with Hindi and English audio. NTSC formatted, Region Free, these dvds are suitable for use USA and all other countries.  Buy separately or with Bharatvani Hindi Teacher on CD-Rom - an entertaining Hindi learning tool for the second generation Indian children and adults. 
Offer valid from 9/15/2006 until the supplies last.

के के रोलिंग द्वारा लिखे गए बच्चों के मशहूर उपन्यास हैरी पौटर पर आधारित जीवंत रहस्य और रोमांच की पारिवारिक फिल्म "हैरी पौटर और पारस पत्थर" एक ऐसे बच्चे की कहानी है जिसे  उसके ग्यरहवें जन्मदिन पर पता चलता है कि उसके मृत माता पिता महान जादूगर थे और इसके पास भी अद्भुत शक्तियां हैं। होगवर्टस जादूगरी और तंत्र विद्यालय में वो अपने जीवन के सबसे बड़े रोमांच का हिस्सा बनता है और एक ऐसा घर पाता है जो उसने कभी नहीं पाया।

3-DVD Package

Hindi DVD only

English DVD only

Bollywood Movie DVD - Hum Panchhi Ek Dal Ke

Romi, Satish Vyas, Daisy Vyas, Jagdeep, Mohan Choti

Rajan is the only son of Rai Saheb Kailash Nath. He takes part in sports, drama and tours of the school, but his father does not like it. Once Rajan along with his school went on tour. His father prohibited but mother allowed him. Students visited village by village, created awareness for SHRAMADAAN. At night, they used to play dramas for entertaining poor villagers. On returning from the trip Rai Saheb stopped Rajan's schooling and started finding a teacher for him. Rajan'sa colleague pretended to be a teacher but Rai Saheb came to know and was very angry, and got a very strict teacher for Rajan. When the teacher entered the room Rajan was with his friend Chatpat, seeing the taecher Rajan jumped out of the window and Chatpat was captured by the teacher. So instead of Rajan, Chatpat started learning from the teacher. For one month, Rajan carried on the rehearsals for a drama and Chatpat continued studying from the taecher. What happened thereafter? Did Rai Saheb come to know about this? Did the children play the drama? Did Rai Saheb change his opinion for Rajan?
Once upon a time ...
KRISHNA - 8 Animated short stories  (by Geetanjali Videos)
Language: English with English subtitles, 70 minutes color
Krishna is the protector, warrior, king, hero, the legend and more to His millions of devotees around the world. This dvd includes eight stories from His life:
1. Krishna and King Jarasandha
2. Krishna and King Nriga
3. Krishna and King Paundaraka
4. Krishna and Jambhavani
5. Krishna and Sudama
6. Krishna and Demon Vrika
7. Krishna and Narakasura
8. Krishna Saves Draupadi

Also includes trailors of other animated moves from this series, like - Hanuman,  Arjun, Karan,  Bhishma, Drona



Bollywood Movie DVD - Krishna KRISHNA ... Aayo Natkhat Nandlal - India's First 3D Animated Film on Krishna
Great Family Film - Expose Your Children to Our Culture Through Entertainment
Original 7 in 1 Value pack - hard box edition
Hindi with English subtitles
The Package Includes: Film DVD, CD ROM Game, Friendship Arm-Band, Desk Standee Picture, Night Glow Tatoo, Peacock Feather Book-Mark, and Exclusive Stickers. 
'KRISHNA' a richly animated, musical feature film tells the story of Lord Krishna's birth, his childhood spent in Vrindavan and his slaying of Kansa, the evil ruler of Mathura. The film features various adventures of his childhood, including his clashes with demons like Pootna, Trinavarat and many more. This animated feature also brings to life Lord Krishna's naughty aspects like stealing butter, and other adventures. Another enchanting aspect of Lord Krishna's life of playing the flute and bewitching the gopis, who become eternally devoted to him and indulge in Ras Leela, is beautifullly depicted in this entertaining feature. Lord Krishna, as a very young man returns to Mathura and finally overthrows his evil uncle Kansa, thus bringing to an end this fascinating story of his birth and childhood days.

Limited supply - Hard bound box edition - Click here to order today $24.95:    + $5 s&h for USA 

Limited supply - Hard bound box edition - Click here to order today $24.95:    + $9 s&h for all other countries

KRISHNA -  Low Cost DVD with CD ROM Game - with Hindi Audio and English subtitles
India's First 3-D Animation Film on Krishna as described above

Limited supply - Price Reduced! Click here to order today: $19.95
+ $4 s&h 

KRISHNA -  Low Cost Windows Media and Game Down load for $9.95 - with Hindi Audio and English subtitles
India's First 3-D Animation Film on Krishna as described above
  + $4 s&h 


Hard bound box edition


Bently Micheme, Anupam Kher, Jyothika, Anjan Shrivastava
John (Bentley Mitchum), an American youth, comes to India to do research on the idol of a temple, since the nose-ring of the Goddess is supposed to possess supernatural powers. He stays with an Indian family and falls in love with the daughter of the house, Vani (Jyothika). The head priest of the temple (Anupam Kher) fears that the evil Bhairav (Prakash Raj) will steal the nose-ring. Bhairav sends a man to commit the theft. The ring falls into a snake pit. The Swami then turns John into a man of six inches height and John is then sent in to bring out the ring…



Bollywood Movie DVD - Makdee

Makdee - The Web of the Witch*
Hindi with English Subtitles
Makadee won 2nd prize in Chicago Int'l Children's Festival
Life in Chunni's village is all peace and quiet, and great fun. She fools the village with her impersonation of her twin sister, Munni; she has a great friend in Mugale Azam, who does her homework and she also has all the opportunity to vex her masterji (school teacher), Kallu (the village butcher) and her father. There is one small problem, though. In a mansion in the village, said to be haunted, lives the legend of a witch called Makdee (played by Shabana Azmi.) The legend goes that whosoever wanders into the mansion, comes out as an animal! No one in the village dares to enter the mansion. Of course, there is the exception



O God Ganesha DVD O GOD GANESHA - Exciting songs & stores of Ganesha (Animated)
(includes a free Audio CD, Bookmar & Stick-on in this special Shemaroo edition)
Bring home good luck and good times. Ganesha, the elephant-headed good is certainly the most worshiped god of our times. Children and adults look upon Ganesha with great faith and affection. Stories of Ganesha are as endearing and engaging as Ganesh himself. Of cours, there are as many versions of his stories as his images but whether the myths are historically true is not important. The only impotant thing is to enjoy these stories with your innerself. Come, suspend reality and judgement. And open the door to another world where Ganesha is.


Bollywood Movie DVD - Parichay

Jeetendra, Jaya Bhaduri, Pran, Sanjeev Kumar, Vinod Khanna, Raju Shreshta, Asrani Vinod Khanna, Keshto Mukherjee, Leela Mishra, A.K.Hangal
Five devilishly naughty children: Rama (Jaya Bhaduri), Ajay (Ravi), Vijay (Kishore), Meeta (Pinky) and Sanju (Rajoo), their tyrannical grandfather Rai Saheb (Pran) and nasty aunt Sati Devi (Veena) stay together. The aristocratic old household is divided into two camps-children vs. old folks! Rai Saheb and Sati Devi fail in every effort to tame these children. Many tutors are hired to train and educate them but just nobody can tame this kids. As a last resort Ravi (Jeetendra), nephew of Rai Saheb's friend, is hired for the kids. The five kids harass him too but he manages to make a soft corner in their heart. Staying with them Ravi realises that what kids need is not decline and harshness -but love and affection. Rama the eldest of five is fascinated by him and loves him immensely. Ravi too loves her but doesn't confess his feelings. Ravi returns to the city as he gets a call for job. Rai Saheb returns from his trip and is surprised to find his grand children so well behaved and disciplined. In the city Ravi misses Rama very much. Ravi returns to ask Rai Saheb permission to marry Rama. But before he can say anything, Rai Saheb's expresses his intention to get Rama engaged to the son of a wealthy friend of his. Does Ravi marry Rama? Does the oppressive old man change his decision? Watch the family drama in Parichay.
The Legend of Prince Rama
Animated Ramayana for Children in English on DVD
RAMAYANA has been cinematized a number of times in India. Universal themes, such as love, friendship, family ties, selfless devotion, war and peace etc. that RAMAYANA is replete with have inspired film makers time and again to cinematize it. However, since war scenes around which the story of RAMAYANA revolves are full of fantasy, it might be difficult to do justice to them with the usual techniques of filming. Thus, there is no medium but animation for depicting the divine powers of the hero Rama and the devlish powers of his arch rival Ravana, the life and death battle between Lakshmana and Indrajit in the sky and the antics of Hanuman - the other hero of this story - who can fly like superman in the sky and change the size of his body at will.

vhs available

Bollywood Movie DVD - Raju Chacha RAJU CHACHA*
Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Rishi Kapoor, Johny Lever, Sanjay Dutt, Tiku Talsania, Pramod Moutho, Shahbaaz Khan, Master Harsh Lunia, Master Kingshuk Vaidya, Baby Sakshi Sen, Master Kewalya Chedha, Baby Neha
Sidhant Rai (Rishi Kapoor) a successful architect lives with his three kids Rohit, Rahul and Rani in a palatial bungalow with their pet dog Casper and family butler Banke Bjhari Chaturvedi and of course the villainish uncles Vikram, Prabhakar and brother-in-law. Sidhant arranges for a governess to look after them, as their mother is no longer alive. But the kids are so naughty that they drive away every governess or master hired by their father. Sidhant needs to go away for a project but before he leaves he arranges for a governess. On the other hand Shekhar (Ajay Devgan) a small time thief robs a bank and he is evading police when he sees Anna (Kajol) who is on her way to Sidhant's house for her job of a governess. He falls in love with her instantly and even manages to convince Anna that he knows her and confesses his love. Anna is in a state of shock when Shekhar's friend Jaddu covers for him by telling her that she resembles his ex-girlfriend. Anna meets Sidhant and is introduced by him to his children. There began a series of pranks. Kids scare Anna and she in turn with Sidhant plays the same trick on them. Shekhar on his front keeps confessing his love to Anna and proposes marriage to her. Kids play a crude prank on Anna by mailing her a telegram informing her parent's death. Anna is hurt by the prank, as she is an orphan, kids realize their mistake and accept her as an elder sister. Anna too confesses Shekhar about her love for him. And the kids and Sidhant decide to get her married to Shekhar. However Shekhar is arrested on the day of the marriage and Anna heartbroken leaves the house. Sidhant and kids set to get her back but they meet with an accident in which Sidhant is killed. Now the Uncles claim for their share in the property when a strange character claiming to be Sidhant brother comes in. He is actually Rajit Rai who left his house when he was eleven. He is none other than Shekhar and he wins back the confidence of Anna and the kids. In this way Shekhar, Anna, kids and the butler saves the fortune of
Sidhant Rai from the greedy relatives with the help of a real yet unreal Raju Chacha.

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