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Mahabharat Takeout - Mythological DVD Rental Service of IIE


Bollywood Takeout - Online Entertainment DVD Rental

Shiv Mahapuran

Four Options : Join Our Takeout Service, Rent Individual Volumes for One Week, Rent Complete Series for 1 Month, Pay Per View On-Line
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This set of 12 dvd's was conceived and produced by Gulshan Kumar - a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. These dvds show the rich legacy of bringing to the common man the true Mythological heritage of India at very affordable prices. This effort is a continuation of this endeavor, which we hope would be a treat for all Shiv Bhaktas and a great learning experience for generations to follow.

1. Order Deluxe Edition - 58 Episodes on 12 DVDs - for $195 + $10 s&h via 7-days media mail within United States. 


2. Order Deluxe Edition - 58 Episodes on 12 DVDs - for $195 + $40 s&h via 5-days Express Mail outside United States. 

'Shiva' Is the Lord of Lords ...
The Greatest of All Gods ...
'He' Is 'Omnipresent' ...
'He' Is 'Omnipotent' ...
'He' Is 'Omniscient' ...
On 'His' Command, The Universe Is Born ...
& Destroyed in Each Cycle of Time ...

If Pleased ...
'He' Bestows, Ample Happiness Upon 'His' "Bhaktas"
& Takes All Their Sufferings Away ...
The Sacred Flame of 'Lord Sadashiva'
Enlightens 'His' Bhaktas
On the Path of "Moksha" ...
The Reverberating Sound of The Chants of
"Om Namah Shivay"

Volume 1 - Episodes 1-5
1. Shrishti Utpatti (The Origin of Life)
2. Sati Janma (The Birth of Sati)
3. Shiv Sati Vivah (The Marriage of Shiv-Sati
4. Shiv-Sati Milan (The Union of Shiv-Sati)
5. Nandeshwar Ki Utpatti (The Origin of Nandeshwar)
Volume 2 - Episodes 6 to 10
6. Indra K Patan (The Downfall of Indra)
7. Samudra Manthan (The Churning of Sea)
8. Mohini Avtaar (Mohini Incarnation)
9. Prayag Yagya (Prayag Yagna)
10. Shree Somnath Jyotirling (Story of Somnath Temple)
Volume 3 - Episodes 11 to 15
11. Sati Balidan (Sati's Sacrifice)
12. Shaktipeeth Sthapana (Shaktipeeth Installation)
13. Devarshi Narad Moh (Narad's Illusion)
14. Devarshi Narad Moh Bhang (Narad's Illusion breaks)
15. Shri Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling (Establishment of Mahakaleshwar)
Volume 4 - Episodes 16 to 20
16. Bali Yagya - (Bali's 100 Ashmedha Yajnas)
17. Vaman Avtaar (Re-incarnation of Vishnu as Vaman)
18. Nar Narayan Moh (Nar Narayan - Lord Vishnu's Devptees)
19. Shri Kedarnath Jyotirling (Establishment of Kedarnath)
20. Vitrasur Utpatti (Origin of Vitrasur)
Volume 5 - Episodes 21 to 25
21. Brahmn Hatya Ka Paap (The Sin of Killing Brahmn)
22. Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirling (Story of Omkareshwar Jyotirling)
23. Vindhyachal-Vajrang Katha (Story of Mount Vindhyachal)
24. Ganga Utpati (The Origin of Ganges)
25. Ganga Tarkasur Yudh (The Battle between Ganges-Tarkasur)
Volume 6 - Episodes 26 to 30
26. Parvati Janam Mangal Katha (Parvati Birth and Mars Orbit)
27. Shiv ka Himalaya Aagman (Shiva's comes to Himalay)
28. Ganga Bidayee (Ganges' depart for Satyalok)
29. Kamdev Dahan (Kamdev's Immolation)
30. Shiv Ki Pariksha (Shiva's Trial)
Volume 7 - Episodes 31 to 35
31. Shiv Baraat (Shiva's Marriage Procession)
32. Kartikeya Janam - (Kartikeya's Birth)
33. Dev Senapati Kartikeya (Kartikeya as Devas' Commander
34. Tarkasur Vadh (Killing of Tarakasur)
35. Shree Ganesh Gajanan (Origin of Ganesh)
Volume 8 - Episodes 36 to 40
36. Shri Kashi Vishwanath & Parushram (Stories of Vishwanath &Parshuram
37. Kartaveerya Vadh & Ekdant Ganesh (Ekdant Ganesh & Killing of Kartaveerya)
38. Chayavan - Sukanya Katha (Story of Chyavan Rish and Sukanya
39. Ganesh-Markandeya Katha (The Story of Ganesh and Markandeya)
40. Ganesh-Kartikeya Milan (The Meeting of Ganesh and Kartikeya
Volume 9 - Episodes 41 to 45
41. Parikrama of Ganesh (Ganesh's Encircling of the Universe)
42. Tripur Boon (Tripur Boon)
43. Shiva Tripurari aur Bheel Katha (The Story of Shiva Tripurari and Bheel)
44. Shree Mallikarjuna Jyotirling (Establishing of Mallikarjun Jyotirling)
45. Mahashivratri aur Ashwamedh (Night of Shiva and Ashwamedh Yajna)
Volume 10 - Episodes 46 to 50
46. Gangavataran - (Ganges's Arrival on Earth)
47. Shree Tryambakeshwar Jyotirling (Establishing of Trymbakeshwar Jyotirling)
48. Bhasmasur Katha (The Story of Bhasmasur)
49. Bhasmasur Vadh (Killing of Bhasmasur)
50. Grihapati Vataar of Lord Shiva (Lord Shiv'a Incarnation as Grihapati)
Volume 11 - Episodes 51 to 55
51. Daruk Asur aur Supriya ki Katha (Story of Daruk Asur and Supriya)
52. Shree Nageshwar Jyotirling (Establishing of Nageshwar Jyotirling)
53. Shree Baidyanath Jyotirling (Establishing of Baidyanath Jyotirling)
54. Shree Rameshwar Jyotirling ((Establishing of Rameshwar Jyotirling)
55. Shr Bheemashankar Jyotirling (Establishing of Bheemashangar Jyotirling)
Volume 12 - Episodes 56 to 58
56. Arjun's "Shakravidya" Pooja (Arjun's Meditation)
57. Kiratarjun Kath (The Sotory of Kiratarjun)
58. Shree Ghrashneshwar Jyotirling  (Establishing of Ghrashneshwar Jyotirling)


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