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Story of Rama from Birth to Bhart Milap
By Late Dr. B.R. Chopra
Available in Hindi and Tamil with English subtitles
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Episode 61
Dharti mentions that Sahasra-arjun is killed but the tyrants that cause suffering in humanity continue to exist. Ravan's atrocities had spread in all direction. Lord Vishnu decides to reincarnate himself as Ram and also asks Laxmi to be born to the King Dashrath and Sita is the daughter of King Janak of Mithila. King Dashrath had three wives - Kaushalya, Sumittra and Kaikeyi. King Dashrath was fond of hunting and one day hunting a deer near the river Saryau, his arrow strikes and kills a youth Shravan Kumar who had come to the river to fetch water for his blind parents.

Episode 62
Parshuram returns to his mother and presents the heads of the sons of Sahasra-arjun. She is not happy. Like her husband she too hated violence. Parshuram declares that to protect the weak violence is sometimes necessary. Hearing her sons words of revenge she dies. Sahasra-arjun is furious to see the death of his sons and swears vengeance. Sahasra-arjun is furious to see the death of his sons and swears vengeance.

Episode 63
Sahasra-arjun draws upon a plan to trap Parshuram by pretending to be weak and let Parshuram get close to him and then surrounds him using the forces of all the other kings. Parshuram meets with Sahasra-arjun alone and offers to end the war if Sahasra-arjun apologizes for the attrocities he has done. Sahasara-arjun refuses and is killed by Parshuram in the war. Gods shower flowers as Righteousness wins over evil. Parshuram visits Lord Shiva to return his bow. Shiva asks him to give to Ravan or Janak who are his devotees.

Episode 64
Parshuram visits Ravan's court but Ravan's behavior towards his subjects stops him from giving the bow. On theway to King Janak he meets Shravan who is taking his parents on pilgrimage. Upon reaching Janak's court Parshuram is received with honor and respect due to an acharaya; so he leaves Shiv's bow in Janak's care and returns to his abode to become an Acharya again.

Episode 65
sees a pretty girl mediating on mount Kailash and falls in love with her. He breaks her penance and asks her to marry him. When she refuses his offer, he rapes her. On his way to Kashi, Sharavan rests to bring water to his blind parents. Dashrath who is hunting nearby, kills Shravan by mistake. Shravan asks him to look after his parents and dies. Dashrath goes to his parents give the bad news. They curse him to face a death grieving for his son as they grieve for Shravan and die.

Episode 66
King Dashrath performs the last rites of Shravan Kumar and his parents. He is sad and feels guilty. He goes to religious court, the sages absolve him of guilt but ask him to never shoot an arrow on merely hearing a sound. Dashrath learns that Ravan has invaded the neighbouring state Kaipaya, so he goes to help him. During the batter, his sarathi is killed but a young man takes the sarathi’s place. Dashrath discovers that the young man is king Kaikaya’s daughter in disguise.

Episode 67
In a fierce battle Dahsrath defeats Ravan. During the battle Kaikayee saves Dashrath’s life twice. King Kaikaya welcomes the victorious Dashrath to his palace. Kaikayee expresses a desire to marry him but Dashrath politely tells her he has to get permission from his two queens. At the same time, Dashrath promises to fulfill Kakayee two wishes at anytime during his lifetime. Upon return Dashrath tells the queens who agree and ask sage Vashisht to take the proposal to King Kaikaya.  

Episode 68
Sage Vashisht is about to send a priest when a purohit arrives from King Kaikaya with the marriage proposal. They happily agree and Dsahrath marries Kaikayee. Meanwhile, Ravan’s atrocities against the sages continues to rise. He levies tax on sages and when they are unable to pay, he orders 4 cups of blood to be drained from their bodies. Lord Vishnu declare that the time has come for him to reincarnate himself as Ram.  

Episode 69
King Dashrath expresses his disappointment for being childless. Rishi Vashisht asks him to perform Kameshri Yagna. Ravan’s demon spill the blood of Rishi in fields of King Janaks Mithila which results in Famine. King Janak’s priests advise him to plough the field himself and fixes a date.  

Episode 74
Ravan asks Meghnath to join the battlefield who says he will join after he has concluded his worship of Maya Shakti. The battle between Ravan and Indra begins. Kumbhakarna falls asleep and Indra succeeds in holding Ravan captive. Meghnath arrives and defeats the gods and imprison them. In Ayodhya King Dashrath with his queens names his children. Narad informs Laxmi that her hour to descend on earth has arrived. Laxmi manifests as earth's daughter on Earth. King Janak plows the fields, where he finds the girl child

Episode 75
The Brahmins of Mithila oppose King Janak's accepting the earth's child but he convinces them and names the child 'Sita'. Manthara attempts to kill young Ram but fails. Ravan summons all the captive gods and goddesses to his palace and orders Kaal to be tied to his bed. King Dashrath sends his sons Ram, Laxman Bharat and Shatrughana to the Ashram of Sage Vashista.

Episode 76
At Rish Vashista's Ashram, Ram expresses a strong desire for knowledge and asks the meaning of religion. King Janak informs his wife Sunayna that he has invited Sage Gautam to the palace to train Sita on thedecorum of the royal palace.

Episode 77
When sage Gautam arrives at King Janak's court all rise to welcome him but Sita turns her face away from him. She reminds him of wrongly accusing and punishing his pretty wife Ahilya by turn her into a stone. Gautam remembers the incident when he had found her with Indra who had deceived her by coming in form of Gautam. Sita refuses to respect Gautam and to accept him as Guru.

Episode 78
When Sage Gautam arrives at King Janak's court, all rise to welcome him but Sita turns her face away from him. She reminds him of wrongly accusing and punishing his pretty wife Ahilya by turning her into a stone. Gautam remembers the incident when he had found her with Indra who had deceived her by coming in form of Gautam. Sita refuses to respect Gautam and accept him as Guru. 

Episode 79 
Dharti - the narrator talks about Lord Vishnu's promise to incarnate himself to protect and propagat righteousness in the universe. Dharti reminds us of the various incarnation of Vishnu right up to the birth of Sri Ram.

Episode 80
Ram and his three brothers - Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan, are sad to leave Guru Sage Vashisht's ashram, but want to return to Ayodhya. Sage Vishwamitra visits King Dashrath and requests Sri Ram to come and protect his yagna from the demons.

Episode 81
King Dashrath offers himself and his army but Sage Vishwamitra insists on taking only Ram. Ram agrees to go as he knows Sage Vishwamitra is developing weapons to kill the demons. Laxman insists to go with Ram as he has vowed to be his shadow.

Episode 82
While rescuing the sages, Ram is confronted by demoness Tadka, who uses her 'Mayavi' (magical) weapons to attack. Sri Ram uses his celestial arrows to kill her. Sage Vishwamitra wants no interruption during his yagna. When Tadka's son Subahu and Mareechack attack. Sri Ram kills Subahu and shoots an arrow which sends Mareechack to Ravan informing him of the news of their death.

Episode 83
King Dashrath informs his queens of Sri Ram's and Laxman's return after finishing their training. Sage Vishwamitra accepts the invitation to princess Janaki's swayamver in Mithila and plans to take Ram with him. On the way they stop at Sage Gautam's ashram where Ram relieves Sati Ahilya from the curse.

Episode 84
King Janak who wants a suitable brave prince for his daughter had decided that she will be married to a prince who can lift Lord Siva's bow. Sage Vishvamitra arrives with Ram and Laxman. They are also joined by Bharat and Shatrughan.

Episode 85 

Sage Shatnand is thankful to Sri Ram for rescuing his mother (Sati Ahilya). While plucking flowers, Sri Ram and Janaki (Sita) meet. The meeting stirs their souls. Janaki prays to Goddess Gauri who appears and blesses her that they will be married.

Episode 86
Ravan also plans to attend the Swayamver and ignores his queen's warning that he is destined to be killed by a Manav. At the Swayamver, Ravan is unable to lift Lord Shiva's bow. King Janak is worried about his pledge, but is delighted when Ram easily picks up the bow.

Episode 87
Everyone is delighted by Sri Ram's success. Parsuram's meditation is broken with the loud thunder when Ram break Shiva's bow. Parsuram visits Mithila and confronts Ram. Laxman explains that no disrespect was meant to Lord Siva. Parsuram realizes and offers his bow to Ram. King Janak invites King Dashrath for the wedding.

Episode 88
Kekeyie is happy to learn about Sri Ram's marriage. Manthra tried to dampen her spirits. Sage Vishwamitra suggests to King Janak that Sita's three sisters will be ideal match for Ram's brothers. King Dashrath also agrees and is welcomed by King Janak.

Episode 89
After the marrage King Dashrath sends a message about their return. Queen Keykayie decides to present all the ornaments to Sita that she received at her marriage. The newly wed couples are welcomed in Ayodhaya.

Episode 90
Keykayie welcomes her son Bharat and his wife Mandvi. Manthra tells Keykayie that it is a mistake to give all her precious ornaments to Sita. King Dashrath plans for Ram's Coronation. Ram says that Bharat will be a better king and suggests they ask the public representatives to make a decision.

Episode 91
Queen Keykeyie's brother arri es and takes Bharat to visit her ailing parents. The representatives pick Ram as the future king as he is the ablest and eldest.

Episode 92
Manthra misleads Keykayie about her son's position being weak after Ram's coronation. Ram is coached by Sage Vashishth about his role as Yuvraj.

Episode 93
Manthra tells Keykayie of Ram's selection and reminds her of King Dashrath's promise to fulfill her two wishes. Manthra visits King Dashrath and informs him that Keykayie is upset and wants to see him

Episode 94
Keykayie tells King Dashrath of not informing her of Ram's coronation and reminds him of the two wishes he had promised. She wishes Bharat to be appointed as King and send Ram to the forest for 14 years. Dashrath is stunnned to hear her wishes.

Episode 95
Shri Ram visits mother Kaushalya for her blessing when Sumant tells them about Keykayie’s order that Bharat is to be the king and Ram’s exile for 14 years. Shri Ram meets Kaykayie and asks for blessing. Upon Dashrath’s request to revolt, Shri Ram reminds his duty to keep his father’s promises to Kaykayie. 

Episode 96
Sita convinces the queen Kaushalya to let her accompany Ram to the forest. Sumitra meets Kaushalya and requests to question Kekayie’s decision. Kaushalya advises against such an action as this would be against Raghus tradition who never go back on their word. 

Episode 97
Lashman decides to accompany Sri Ram to the forest. Sri Ram dons the saffron robes as he prepares to leave for exile. Sita also joins Ram and discards her royal robe and ornaments except “chudamani” given to her by kekayie. 

Episode 98
Sita ssumes Urmila too will be accompanying Laxman but is informed otherwise as Laxman is going as a servant of Rama and did not want to burden his master. Sita admires her for her sacrifice and big heartedness.

 Episode 99
King Dashrath is hurt to discover Sita and Laxman are also going to the forest with Shri Ram. He tries to dissuade them but they convince him they are duty bound. Queen Kekayie tells them it is a wise decision as this will not leave any chance of a revolt against Bharat. Sri Ram assures Keykayie that any revolt against Bharat would have to reckon with him first. Dashrat is heart broken and promises never to see Kekayie’s face again.

 Episode 100
Vishadraj is upset to see Ram, Sita and Laxman in saffron robes. Shri Ram tells him to have faith in King Dashrath. Bharat and Shatraghun take lieave from their maternal grandfather. King Dashrath is ashamed to cause so much grief to Kaushalya and Sumitra. He waits anxiously for his prime who has sent to get Shri Ram.

Episode 101
Shri Ram thanks Vishadraj for helping him cross the river. The prime minister arrives but Shri Ram refuses to return and tells him to take care of the king and Ayodhya. Keykai assures herself of her decision. Lord Shiva tells Devi Parvati why Kind Dashrath had to keep his word given to Keykayie and how Vishnu  has incarted himself as Ram.

Episode 102
Dashrath dies with Ram’s name on his lips. Keykayie laments that he died before prince Bharat’s coronation. Keykayie arrives to see Dashrath but is not allowed to enter since it was Dashrath’s last wish. Bharat and Shatrughan are stunned to learn about their father’s death. Bharat is dumb founded when he finds out that he is to be coronated instead of Ram. He refuses to be coronated and decides to meet Shri Ram


Episode 103
Bharat is stunned to find out that his mother is responsible for Ram's exile. Bharat's grief is further enhanced when he learns that his father, King Dashrath, has died. Manthra tries to convince Bharat that his mother did this to make him the king. He scolds and accuses her of being the main culprit. Sage Vashishth asks Bharat to perform the last rites of his father. 

Episode 104
Sita feels that some calamity has happened in Ayodhaya. She tells Ram of her dream of King Dashrath leaving the palace in Sanyasi robe. Ram suggests to Sita that this may be the case as Dashrath has taken Sanyas after Bharat's coronation. Queen Kekai blames herself for her husband's death. Kaushalya takes Kekai to participate in the last rites, but the Prime Minister stops her on the plea that this was Dashrath's last wish.

Episode 105
Dashrath is cremated and and Kekai laments before his ashes. Sri Ram and Laxman reach Prayag, where all the three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet. Sri Ram remembers Guru Vashishth telling him about Sage Bhardwaj's Ashram in Prayag, so he decides to meet the great sage. In Ayodhaya, Bharat refuses to be coroneted and decides to go to meet Sri Ram and bring him back.

Episode 106
Bharat visits Kekai and asks her to accompany her to the forest to bring Sri Ram home. Maharaj Janak and his wife Sunaina are stunned to learn about Sri Ram's expulsion from Ayodhaya and Bharat has gone after Sri Ram with huge army. Fearing the worst, he too decides to go to the forest to protect Sri Ram. Sri Ram plans to visit Sage Valmiki in Chitrakoot.

Episode 107
After meeting Sri Ram, Sage Valmiki shows his manuscript of the life of Sri Ram. Shri Ram remembers the time he met Sita in the Royal garden and is sorry to see her roaming in the forest with him. Sita assures she is happy to be with him. Laxman learns about Bharat's army and prepares to confront him. Sri Ram assures Laxman that Bharat hasn't come to invade him.

Episode 108
ri Ram meets Bharat and is saddened to learn about King Dashrath's demise. Indra and Varun along with other gods are concerned that if Bharat succeeds in taking Sri Ram back to Ayodhaya, who will kill the tyrant Asur Ravan. Brahma assures them that Lord Vishnu has re-incarnated as Sri Ram to show the human beings the importance of the family values and to set an example of  perfect human being. Sri Ram insists on honoring his father's word by not returning to Ayodhaya. Bharat takes Sri Ram's wooden sandals to place them on the throne, as a symbol that Sri Ram is still the ruler.

Episode 109
Sri Ram decides to make Panchvati forest as his next abode. Jatayu appears in the sky and flys down to greet them. Jatayu tells them how King Dashrath had saved him from the demons. Jatayu escorts them to Panchvati. Ravan decides to visit his brothers Khar and Dhushan with his sister Shrupnakha. Vibhushan tells Ravan about his premonition that he will be faced with danger and discourages him to leave Lanka. Ravan delays his departure while his sister decides to visit alone. Khar Bhushan's demons harrass some sages and Sri Ram kills the demons. Trishira arrives after being wounded by Sri Ram and tells them about this invincible human. Shrupnakha decides to go to Panchvati. She finds Sri Ram looks divine and is attracted towards him. Shrupnakha tries to lure Sri Ram, who tells her that he is married and in good humor suggests her to try her luck with Laxman.

Episode 110
Laxman expresses his inability to marry Shrupnikha. After seeing Sita's beauty, Shrupnakha attempts to disfigure her. In anger Laxman cuts Shrupnikha's nose. Shrupnikha threatens to come back with her brother to avenge her injury. Shrupnikha alongwith her brother Khar, Dushan and Trishira returns and demands Ram to handover Sita and Laxman to them. Laxman kills Trishira and Ram kills Dushan and Khar. Shrupnikha goes to Ravan who is furious and decides to attack Ram. He asks for Mareechch's help

Episode 111
Sita sees a golden deer in the forest and asks Sri Ram to bring it to her. Ram's arrow strikes the golden deer which turns to his original form of Mareechch and cries for help. Sita feels that Ram is in danger and asks Laxman to go for his help. Laxman draws a line to guard Sita from demons. Mareechch confesses to Sri Ram before dying and asks for salvation. Laxman arrives and Sri Ram scolds him for leaving Sita alone. Ravan, posing as a Brahmin, abducts Sita. Jatayu attempts to rescue Sita, but is killed by Ravan. Ram and Laxman meet Jatayu and learn about Ravan. On the way Sita throws her divine ornaments to let Ram track her.

Episode 112
Ravan brings Sita to Lanka and keeps her in the custody of Trijita and her demonesses. Sita addresses Trijita as mother. Trijita is moved and she promises to look after Sita. Shrupnikha is happy to see Ravan avenge her injury. Ravan imprisons Shrupnikha to stop her from harming Sita . Kaal (the god of death) warns Ravan of his sins and for inviting his death. Ravan's mother is concerned for him. Ram and Laxman continue their search for Sita and meet Shabri who has been mistreated by sages. 

Episode 113
A group of sages is searching for food and water. Whenever they touch any fruit it disappears. Same happens to the water in the pond, whenever the attempt to quench their thirst. The sages realize that they are being punished for disrespecting Shabri as an untouchable. They arrive at Shabri's Ashram and ask for her forgiveness. Shabri says she has met Ram and reached salvation. She meditates and burns herself into ashes. Ram pays respects to her departing soul and continues his journey. Sugreev meets Hanuman and tells him about the two sages in the forest. Lord Shiva tells Parvati that he has incarnated as Hanuman to serve Sri Ram. Ram meets Sugriv who shows him the ornaments thrown by Sita.

Episode 114
Sugreev tells Ram the story of his brother Bali, how he fought mayavi demons and was trapped in the cave. He had told Sugreev to assume him dead if he doesnot come out within 15 days. Sugreev waited 30 days and assuming the worse requested his subjects to allow him to take care of the realm till prince Angad was old enough to rule. Later, Bali emerged alive from the cave and beat up Bali for betraying him and leaving him for dead. Ram helps Sugreev by killing Bali. Sugreev sends his army to look after Sita. Ram is sad and remembers Sita.

Episode 115
Jambyant, Angad, Hanuman are searching for Sita and come to a mountain range. They see a giant bird that attacks them. Angad calls the name of bird Jatayu. The bird is actually Jatayu younger brother Sampaati. He learns about his brother's demise by Ravan in attempt to save Sita. Sampaati has seen Sita in Ashok Vatika, Ravan's favorite spot. Hanuman thanks him for his help. Hanuman crosses the sea with the help of Sursa and gets to Lanka and kills Demoness Lankini who attempts to stop him. He also meets Ravan's brother Vibhushan. Ravan comes to Sita and gives her one month to accept him as her master and Lord. Hanuman meets Sita as Ram's messenger.

Episode 116
Prince Aksh returns home to Ravan when some demons come and tell of the monkey that is causing havoc in Ashok Vatika. Aksh decides to go go and nab the monkey. Aksh and his associates attack Hanuman but are unable to harm him. Hanuman kills Aksh and tells the demons to take the body to Ravan. Meghnad swears vengeance and uses celestial weapons to imprison Hanuman. Ravan asks Hanuman to reveal his identity and learns he is Ram's messenger. He asks to pour oil on Hanuman and set his tail on fire. Hanuman burns Lanka and jumps into the sea to extinguish the fire on his tail.

Episode 117
Hanuman returns to Sri Ram and tells him that Mata Sita has only one month to survive. Ram and Laxman along with Sugreev's army leave for Lanka and camp by the seashore. Kaal warns Ravan that his end is near. Ravan learns of the monkey army from his people and Vibhushan warns him not to fight and return Sita. Ravan is enraged and calls Vibhushan a coward and asks him to leave his kingdom. Vibhushan comes to Sri Ram. Sugreev and Angad think that he might be Ravan's spy, but Hanuman knows better. Vibhushan asks for political asylum. Vibhushan advises Ram to pray to the Seagod for permission to cross the sea. Seagod appears and advises Sri Ram about Neel and Nal (the two monkeys) who have a boon to build a bridge anywhere. Neel and Nal make a stone bridge across the sea. Sri Ram does not want to wage war against Ravan and sends Angad to request Sita's release.

Episode 118
Ravan ridicules Angad in the court and says he has been sent because Ram is afraid to fight with him. He also tells Angad and Ram has killed his father Bali. Angad tells that Bali had turned evil and deserved to be killed. Angad puts one foot on the ground and challenges Ravan to ask his men to move it. Ravan's men fail to do so. In anger Ravan asks Angad to be imprisoned but nobody dares to attempt. Angad leaves the court triumphantly.

Episode 119
Meghnad confronts Laxman in battle and uses a celestial weapon on him. Laxman falls on the ground and faints. Jambwant advises Ram to use Ravan's vaid (medical practitioner). Vaid requires Sanjeevni herb to revive Lakshman. Hanuman goes to bring the life saving herb. Upon reaching the Himalayas he picks up the entire mountain and brings it to the battlefield. Ravan wakes up Kumbh Karan and asks him to help him in the war. Kumbh Karan also advises Ravan to return Sita to Sri Ram and avoid the war, but Ravan is adamant. Hanuman arrives with the herb and Laxman is revived. Kumbh Karan is killed in the battle.

Episode 120
Meghnad, who is praying to Lord Shiva, is warned by Ravan not to break his meditation as it would be disastrous. Hanuman takes the shape of a little fly to disturb Meghnad's meditation. After a while he takes his normal shape and taunts Meghnad for sitting there like a coward. Meghnad is furious and breaks his meditation and attacks Hanuman. Hanuman manages to bring him outside the temple where Bharat is waiting for him. A dual between Meghnad and Laxman follows in which Meghnad is killed. Meghnad's head is lying on the ground. Vibhushan feels sorry for his death and blames Ravan for his demise. Soon Meghnad's wife Sulochana arrives there to claim the head of her husband. Sri Ram treats her with respect and sympathizes with her. He allows her to collect her husband and carry him with dignity. Sri Ram comments on the futility of wars. Ravan confronts Sri Ram and boasts he would kill him. Sri Ram accuses Ravan of being a tyrant and killing saints to satisfy his ego. He tells him that he had taken birth to kill him and abolish evil from the earth so that righteousness may prevail. As Sri Ram cuts Ravan's head, another head appears on his shoulders. Vibhushan tells him that Ravan can only be killed if he attacked on his "Naabhi" (umbilical ). Sri Ram takes the hint and kills Ravan. Sri Ram is ready to return to Ayodhya with Sita and Laxman. He is worried about Bharat who had vowed to kill himself if Ram's arrival in Ayodhya was delayed even by a day after the period of his exile was over. Vibhushan lends his Pushpak Viman to him so that he can fly back and reach in time. Sri Ram arrives in Ayodhya and is united with Bharat..





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